Saskatchewan father cheers on champion daughter

August 17, 2015

During the first half of the Games, basketball games were taking place at the Syncrude Sports and Wellness Centre. There, the women’s Team Saskatchewan basketball team were preparing for their second game. Meanwhile, Kent, a father of one of the players on that team, was looking on.
Kent explains his daughter’s devotion to the game: “Randy has been in basketball for a long time, right through high school she was on the team, and as soon as she graduated she tried out for this team, and we were really proud when she made it.”
Obviously there is a lot of travelling associated with playing on a provincial basketball team, he mentions how they deal with all the trips: “They just had a competition in Chicago, you really have to kill two birds with one stone and make a vacation out of it. You’re there for the tournament, but you also get to experience the area as well.” He looks back on the opening ceremonies and mentions how they were truly blown away by the spectacle.
“The kickoff for the whole thing was really impressive, we were really dazzled by the flying bikes and sky divers. It was a very welcoming experience.”
As visitors to Fort McMurray, they now have the chance to experience this community as well.
“It’s a beautiful city, and all of the sports venues look great. The girls have been coming here for their games and they’re very well equipped.”
One thing Kent really makes a point of mentioning is the quality of the lodging for the athletes.
“I really have to say how much they love (Noralta Lodge), they each get their own rooms there and they’ve gotten the chance to meet lots of the other athletes from all around western Canada. It’s like a little community there; they’re making a lot of new contacts.” As young athletes, creating a network of liaisons and contacts within the sporting community is a necessity for a prosperous future career in sports. This is something that is made possible by large sports events such as the Summer Games.
“More people for them to text,” jokes Kent.
Fortunately, this trip came with the satisfaction of seeing at least one victory so far. “They won their first game and are about to play their second, but so far we know they’re in for a medal, we’re just not sure what one yet.”
(Ladies basketball gold went to Saskatchewan)
A parent’s pride in their child is presupposed, however, a parent who is able to watch their child live their dream is a person who delights in seeing their role as a supporter fulfilled.
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