Canoe/Kayak athletes bring home a boatload of medals from the Western Canada Games

August 10, 2011

The canoe/kayak athletes representing Team Sask at the 2011 Western Canada Games have arrived home with a boatload of medals.  The canoe/kayak competition was part of the first week of competition running from August 7th to 9th.

The following are the highlights of the team’s accomplishments;


  • Each team member won at least 1 gold medal at the Western Canada Games.
  • The team medaled in 37 of 45 events, with 28 of those being gold medals.  In total the team came home with a 47 medals (28 gold, 11 silver, 8 bronze). 
  • The team swept all three medals in one event (Men’s K1 1000m) and double medaled in nine other events.
  • The men’s kayak team won a gold medal in all 11 events.  The women’s kayak team won gold in 9 of 11 events.
  • Simon Fense won 10 gold medals, one in each of the 10 events in which he was entered.
  • Olivia Dyck won 11 medals (9 gold, 2 silver), one in each of the 11 events in which she was entered. 
  • Mykel Kowaluk also won 10 medals (8 gold and 2 silver).
  • Several other athletes came away with 8 or more medals each including Rory Gowda-Sookochoff, Daniella Zemlak, Jenna Berenbaum and Gina Soparlo. 

The canoe/kayak Western Canada Games Team Members are as follows:

Men’s Canoe: Mateh Kowaluk (Saskatoon), Chris Laplante (Regina), Tyler Lefley (Saskatoon), Christian de Jager (Regina)

Women’s Canoe: Jenna Berenbaum (Saskatoon), Alexis Laplante (Regina), Amy Soparlo (Regina), Gina Soparlo (Regina)

Men’s Kayak: Simon Fense (Regina), Mykel Kowaluk (Saskatoon), Liam McKinnon (Regina), Cooper Reis (Regina)

Women’s Kayak: Olivia Dyck (Saskatoon), Lauren Gardiner (Saskatoon), Rory Gowda-Sookochoff (Saskatoon), Daniella Zemlak (Regina)

Coaching Staff: Devri Robertson (Regina), Edgar Garza (Saskatoon), Ryan Stepka (Regina)

For more information, contact:

Jan Hanson

Executive Director

Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan

585-6366 (office)

502-4422 (cell)

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