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August 12, 2015

Tyrell Sawatzky set a new personal best at the Western Canada Summer Games this week. The Carrot River resident is bringing home gold in Shotput after an incredible meet in Fort MacMurray. Sawatzky threw 13.80 metres edging out the number one contender, Justin Krantz, by 1 cm. Krantz, of Manitoba came in second place with a 13.79 metre throw. Sawatzky says he wasn't sure where his final go at the games would get him.

"It was pretty stressful because I was sitting in third going into the 6th round, the last round, and I pulled a 58cm personal best out of nowhere. I came in first by one centimetre and then [Krantz], who was in first, was throwing after me so I was kind of stressed to see how he was doing. He ended up throwing a 13.5 so I won".

With a bit of a rough start Sawatzky says he had to maintain a cool head during the competition.

 "Honestly I just calmed myself down, I kept getting jacked up after the first few rounds. I wasn't doing as well as I was hoping so I just calmed myself down and went in and did what I know how to do."

In the end the calming effect made for a higher score which has given Sawatzky the new title of the 2015 Western Canada Games Shotput Champion. But what did he do to stay so calm?

"I just didn't really think about it. [I] played some poker, played some pool, watched some TV, took a nap. I just did everything I could to not think about it. "

Sawatzky says it was tricky because the competition on Sunday (August 9) didn't start until 7pm.

"I'm done competing [now], [I'm] watching my friends compete. I threw hammer on Saturday and that didn't go real well. I was 4 metres off my personal best and I came in 9th. I was pretty upset about that. Hammer is not really my thing. I threw discus later in the day and pb'd there by 2.5 metres (36.64 metres) and that put me into 6th. "

Coming down from the high of winning Sawatzky says he still can't believe it.

"As soon as you hit the release you know whether it was good or not, sometimes even beforehand but that one I knew it was far I just didn't know it was that far. Before that I was at a 13.20m and in my 6th round I just ripped out a 13.80. It hasn't really sunk it yet, my coach is really really happy. My parents were both sitting at home crying last night. "

Sawatzky says he could not have done it without his coaches.

"Harvey Webber was head coach of this team. Dean Bertoia has coached me since I was in grade 9 -the last 4 years. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am without his help."

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