New Book Chronicles the History of Amateur Sport in Saskatchewan

January 29, 2016

Giving Us A Sporting Chance:
The Story of Sask Sport

Written by Lynn Gidluck and published by Coteau Books

A new book, tracing the history of amateur sport in Saskatchewan, hits the shelves today.

The book, authored by Lynn Gidluck and published by Coteau Books, tells the story of how the amateur sport federation in Saskatchewan came to be in a position to run the provincial lottery and work with the volunteer sport, culture and recreation sectors to oversee distribution of lottery revenues.

“In Saskatchewan the government had the foresight to create an innovative funding model for amateur sport, culture and recreation,” said Todd Fuchs, President of Sask Sport Inc. This book traces the history of the amateur sport system in our province, how early sport leaders secured the lottery as a fundraiser, and the impressive results that been achieved over the years.”

Since 1974, the provincial government has licensed Sask Sport to act as the sales and marketing arm with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“This book shares the story of how and why Saskatchewan does things differently and how this novel approach has benefited our communities and is the envy of other jurisdictions around the world,” said Fuchs.

Ian Cook served as President of Sask Sport in 2007-08. He was chair of the volunteer committee that helped find someone to write the book and which provided support and direction for the research.

“I was quite active in the amateur sport community before I joined the Board of Directors of Sask Sport,” said Cook. “I knew that funding from the provincial lottery supported sport, culture and recreation but I didn’t know that the sport federation operated the lottery.

Cook said he had a hunch there was a really good story to be unearthed.

“I was right,” said Cook. “This book tells a story about innovation and what happens when you empower citizens to develop policy and create programs that respond to needs in their communities.”

Fuchs and Cook both believe that one of the most interesting chapters in the book is the one that details the origins of programs like KidSport that have been put in place to try to make amateur sport accessible to everyone who lives in our province.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be directed to KidSport.

Proceeds from Saskatchewan Lotteries fund more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups, providing programs and services to over 600,000 registered members in the province.

A PDF version of the book is available on-line at Hard copies can be purchased for $24.95 at the front desk of the Sask Sport building at 1870 Lorne Street in Regina, with all proceeds going towards KidSport.

For more information, the author can be contacted at (306) 352-2304 or reached at

Sask Sport Inc.

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