Swim Team selected for 2013 CSG

May 27, 2013

At the conclusion of the Michelle Moore/Canada Games Trials competition held this past weekend in Regina by the RODS, the team that will represent Saskatchewan at the 2013 Canada Games in Sherbrooke Quebec was selected.

The Team will be lead by Head Coach Paul Armstrong of Saskatoon and Team Manager Leslie Stene, also of Saskatoon.

Assistant coaches are Mads Hansen of Regina and Steven Hitchings of Saskatoon. 

Jennifer Robinson, also of Regina, will join the coaching staff on the Women in Coaching Initiative and Jackie Powel of Swift Current is the coach for the Special Olympic Swimmers.

Congratulations to the follow swimmers:

Female Swimmers

Male Swimmers

Able Body

Able Body

Mikayla Amundsen – Regina

Alex Bartley – Saskatoon

Emily Boire – Saskatoon

Adam Benkic – Saskatoon

Cassandra Brassard – Regina

James Burkell – Saskatoon

Natalia Huber – Saskatoon

Kurt Carolus – Saskatoon

Alexandra (Lexy King) – White City

Noah Choboter – Regina

Claudia Lehnert-Thiel – Saskatoon

Elie Fenyes – Saskatoon

Maya Lehnert-Thiel – Saskatoon

Jacob Korpan – Regina

Monica Mastromatteo – Saskatoon

Austin Larocque – Saskatoon

Megan McGillivray – Regina

Brian Palaschuk  - Regina

Madison Miller– Saskatoon

Brennen Taylor – Saskatoon

Nicole Robinson – Regina

Liam Taylor – Saskatoon

Shelby Stene – Saskatoon

Joseph Wright – Regina





Samantha Ryan – Saskatoon




Special Olympic Swimmers

Special Olympic Swimmers

Katie Durant – Swift Current

Darius Dube – Nipawin

Lindsay Reimer – North Battleford

Adam Eisbrenner – Regina

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