Kowaluk Announced Flag Bearer

August 17, 2013

Team Sask would like to announce Mykel Kowaluk as the Team Sask Flag Bearer for the 2013 Canada Summer Games Closing Ceremonies.

Kowaluk, a kayak athlete from Saskatoon, is 19 years of age and has been paddling for 10 years.  Kowaluk is coached by Andre Gronowich with the Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club.

In Sherbrooke, Mykel earned 5 medals:

K2 – 1000m – Gold

K4 – 200m – Gold

K1 – 200m – Silver

K2 – 200m – Silver

K4 – 1000m - Bronze


The Closing Ceremonies will be broadcasted on TSN2 beginning at 20:30 EST on Saturday, August 17th.  Webcasting of the event is available at starting at 20:30 EST.


Team Sask earned 51 medals at the 2013 Canada Summer Games:

Gold - 8

Silver - 18

Bronze -25


At the 2009 Canada Summer Games, Team Sask earned 48 medals (13 Gold, 15 Silver & 20 Bronze)


Full listing of 2013 Team Sask medallists is attached.

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