Mission Staff

December 23, 2014

So you've noticed there is a person hanging around your team who is not a coach, manager, parent, or family member. But they're wearing the team uniform, and they're always there. Who are they? Well, that person is your Mission Staff.

Mission Staff are volunteers for Team Sask who act as a liason between the team and the host society.  They will do their best to ensure that all of the logistics around your time at the Canada Games run smoothly, allowing the athletes, coaches and managers to focus on competition. Mission Staff will handle the orders of boxed lunches, call transportation if a bus is running behind, inform the team of important information regarding the Games, etc. Most importantly though, Mission Staff are there to cheer you on and support the team.

Team Sask is running a Mission Staff Spotlight campaign to introduce the team members to the Mission Staff. Keep checking back on the website and on Facebook for mini bios and pictures of each Mission Staff. You can also see them on the Meet Team Sask - Mission Staff page!

Make sure you say hi to the Team Sask Mission Staff; it will make their day!

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