Mission Staff Spotlight - Lisa

January 07, 2015

Meet our Mental Trainer and today's #MissionStaffSpotlight

Name: Lisa Hoffart
City/Town: Regina
Mission Staff role: Mental Training Consultant



Lisa has been involved in Canada Games and Western Canada Games as the Mental Training Consultant for Team Sask since 2011. Her role is not only a games time role, but she also works with numerous sports teams and athletes leading up to the Games. See what Lisa had to say to some of our questions!

Q: Any words of advice for the athletes, coaches, managers, host society, other mission teams, or volunteers?
A: One piece of advice that I would give (and I think that this applies to several, if not all of the groups) is to trust their preparation and enjoy every moment. Now is the time to put all your hard work into action!

Q: Why did you want to be Mission Staff for the Prince George 2015 Canada Winter Games?
A: I have had wonderful experiences at the past Games and I am expecting this CWG to be the same. In my role as the mental training consultant, I have the opportunity to work with teams, athletes, and coaches in the lead up to the Games. I work with the athletes in order to help them to be mentally prepared for the executing their performance as well as to help them to understand some of the unique pressures and experiences that they might encounter in a multi-sport games environment. Through this work, I become part of the athletes' journeys to the Games, and I love seeing them progress through training and then finally watch them as their hard work pays off at the Games.


Mission Staff are volunteers for Team Sask who act as a liason between the team and the host society.  They will do their best to ensure that all of the logistics around your time at the Canada Games run smoothly, allowing the athletes, coaches and managers to focus on competition. Mission Staff will handle the orders of boxed lunches, call transportation if a bus is running behind, inform the team of important information regarding the Games, etc. Most importantly though, Mission Staff are there to cheer you on and support the team.

Make sure you say hi to the Team Sask Mission Staff; it will make their day!


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