Mission Staff

At every Western Canada Summer Games, Team Sask assigns one Mission Staff to each sport to act as a liaison between the sport and the host society. Their primary function is to ensure that athletes, coaches and managers can focuse solely on competition and representing Saskatchewan to the best of their ability. Mission Staff handle any issues that may come up, answer questions or concerns, and of course, cheer you on!

In addition to one Mission Staff per sport, there is also a Chef de Mission and two Assistant Chefs de Mission. These three have been involved in the planning stages of the Games since the beginning, and are considered to be the "team captains" of Team Sask.

A core group of Mission Staff are responsible for Team Operations and Communications, which includes the organizing of transportation, team uniforms, pins, social media, the website, all media relations, and more. Team Sask will also be bringing an integrated support team to the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games in Swift Current, including a Medical Liaison and Mental Trainer. The Team Sask Mental Trainer is available to teams and individual athletes upon request before and during Games time. 

If you see any of these faces at your practices or in the crowd during Games time, don't hesitate to wave! The Mission Staff will be there to ensure the experience of the athletes, coaches and managers is the best one possible.

Name Role Hometown
Mark Bracken Chef de Mission Regina
Michelle Dezell Assistant Chef de Mission Saskatoon
April Tipewan Assistant Chef de Mission Saskatoon
Karen Lawson Communications & Media Regina
Lisa Hoffart Mental Trainer Regina
Greg Perreaux Operations & Logistics
Julie Brandt Medical Liaison
Beach Volleyball
Crystal Clarke Rowing Prince Albert
Ryan Sklapsky Soccer (M)
Volleyball (M)
Amy Shipley Swimming
Darrell Baker Basketball (M)
Brad Cameron Softball (M)
Monique Coutu Athletics
Canoe Kayak
Lonnie Mercredi Basketball (F)
Eden Rakochy Soccer (F) Saskatoon
Jared Welsh Athletics
Leslie Blyth Softball (F)
Volleyball (F)
Jody Bailey Communications Edmonton
Tyler Daku Communications Regina
Jamie Toth Communications Regina