The 2016 Rio Olympics have ended, but our pride continues for the Team Sask alumni who took part. Congratulations to our Team Sask alumni on their stellar performances at the Olympic Games
Gavin Schmitt ('05 CSG) - Men's Volleyball - 5th
Brianne Tehisen-Eaton ('05 CSG) - Athletics; Heptathlon - BRONZE
Taryn Suttie ('09 CSG) - Athletics; Shot Put - 28th

In addition to amazing performances by athletes, we also cheered on our Team Sask alumni coaches who took the world stage.

Carla Nicholls ('03 WCSG) - Athletics
Lisa Thomaidis ('01 CSG) - Basketball
Lisa Borgerson ('11 CWG & '15 CWG) - Target Shooting

We are proud of our alumni and love seeing them up on that world stage!

Image credit: Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star/Getty