For volunteer week, we sat down Mission Staff from the previous Canada Games to hear about their experiences volunteering for the Canada Games! During this interview, we met with Brad Cameron, a dedicated sports enthusiast, retired teacher, and volunteer who has made an impact in the sports community. With a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals and a strong commitment to teamwork, Brad has been a valuable member of the Team Sask Mission Staff for the Canada Games since 2017. As a former coach, school sports administrator, and community volunteer, Brad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a Mission Staff member.
The Team Sask 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI Misson Staff team!

Volunteering for the Team Sask Mission Staff at the Canada Games was one of the most fulfilling experiences of Brad's life. As a member of the Team Sask Mission Staff, his primary role was to support his assigned team(s) off the field of play and help the athletes, coaches, and managers focus on performing their best at the Games. He first heard about becoming a Team Sask Mission Staffer when he was still teaching in 2016. He described himself as someone who was keenly interested in sports; a player, coach, school sports administrator, and community volunteer involved in sport, so he applied to volunteer. Since 2017, he has been involved in the Canada Games, and most recently at the 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI. 

Some of his most memorable experiences as a volunteer were his first Team Sask Mission Staff meetings in Davidson, SK. Brad mentioned he was a little lost for the first part of the gathering, but he learned a lot from the more experienced volunteers. The experienced Mission Staff members took him under their wing and he's loved every second since. Another unforgettable moment for Brad was watching Team Sask win gold in Baseball at the beautiful Shaw Park in downtown Winnipeg, MB at the 2017 Canada Summer Games. Brad mentioned that he loves trading pins and uniform items with people from all over Canada and getting to see different parts of Canada is always a highlight as well! 

Brad with Leanne Schinkel, fellow Team Sask Mission Staff member. 

Of course within a position like this, with so many people involved, there were some challenges. Brad mentioned earlier one of his favourite moments was his first Team Sask Mission meeting, but that is where he learned what the roles and responsibilities of a Mission Staff member are. Brad believes in asking a lot of questions and relying on your team for their expertise. For instance, a member of Brad's sports team broke a piece of their equipment. He relied on his network, the power of the internet, and the Host Society to help locate new equipment for the participant.

For Brad balancing his person life with volunteering was easy because he coached during the year and some summers, so it was something he has done and integrated into his life for a long time. To anyone who is interested in volunteering but doesn't know where to start, Brad would suggest reaching out to Sask Sport. Brad suggests volunteering and becoming involved in something you are passionate about so that you stay committed. 


Sheryl Coutoreille (NWT), Marianne Portelance (AB), and Brad receiving the SAGE's Team Behind the Team Awards.